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Résidence Frédéric Mistral
Sold out

Number of rooms: from 3 to 5 rooms
Location: Thônex
Located in the very heart of the small suburban town of Thônex - on Avenue Tronchet - the "Residence Frederic Mistral" enjoys an enviable and very convenient location, in a family friendly environment, close to schools, shops, amenities and public transportations.

The entire project is part of a scope in a development zone, whose selling prices are strictly controlled by the State of Geneva.

The residence consists on 23 apartments  and develops on 8 levels, from the ground floor to the attic. The apartments typologies are ranging from 4 to 5 rooms (only one 3-room apartment on the attic), all with a private balcony, terrace or garden and a cellar. The basement car parks will be individual lots, single or double box. 

Each apartment enjoys a beautiful light, with wide windows or openings. In addition, the entire building was built with a constant concern for sustainability and energy performance. It benefits thus from the Minergie certification.

Each apartment will be functional, and has been designed in order to offer an excellent quality of life to future residents, in gay and friendly spaces. 

Thanks to its location, this program is perfect for young couples, or families wishing to access to ownership through a first purchase.

Designed by Cerutti Architects SA, the "Résidence Frédéric Mistral" harmoniously fits into its environment, respecting the surrouding buildings'aesthetic.

In the basement, individual parking lots, single boxes or double boxes will be available for purchase from CHF 32'300.-

For any additional information or information, please contact our staff member:

Mrs. Carine Thénot
Tel: +41 22 737 09 91
Email: ct@prokeschimmobilier.ch

Apartments list

Lot n°FloorRoomsSurface PPEPricePlanContactStatus
075105 m2CHF 2'591.– Reserved
3.01Ground floor498 m2CHF 569'900.– Sold
3.02Ground floor5122 m2CHF 777'400.– Sold
3.03Ground floor497 m2CHF 582'200.– Sold
4.0115124 m2CHF 700'200.– Sold
4.0215124 m2CHF 773'900.– Sold
4.031497 m2CHF 594'000.– Sold
5.0125124 m2CHF 715'100.– Sold
5.0225124 m2CHF 790'300.– Sold
5.032497 m2CHF 606'600.– Sold
6.0135124 m2CHF 729'900.– Sold
6.0235124 m2CHF 806'800.– Sold
6.033497 m2CHF 619'300.– Sold
7.0145124 m2CHF 744'800.– Sold
7.0245124 m2CHF 823'200.– Sold
7.034497 m2CHF 631'900.– Sold
8.0155124 m2CHF 759'700.– Sold
8.0255124 m2CHF 839'700.– Sold
8.035497 m2CHF 644'600.– Sold
9.0165124 m2CHF 774'600.– Sold
9.0265124 m2CHF 856'200.– Sold
9.036497 m2CHF 657'200.– Sold
10.0175160 m2CHF 1'279'500.– Sold
10.027383 m2CHF 604'200.– Sold

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